About Us

Emmanuel Saint's designs combine unique bespoke commissions with a limited edition range of no more than twenty pieces. Each piece embodies the distinct relationship between his inspiration as a designer and the intrinsic personality of Saint's clients. His works are theatrical - transforming the wearer from the day-to-day, bringing out elements in his clients' personalities not immediately perceptible. Emmanuel's extensive, careful knowledge of people and their bodies is central to the evolution of his inspirational designs into the highly wearable. After graduating Emmanuel went on to train and hone his tailoring skills in London's Saville Row.

Attention to detail, fabulous cutting and an extensive knowledge of fabric ensures that each piece is exceptional. Working in Paris Saint discovered the theatricality of fashion and began to be influenced by art history and in particular sculpture. Emmanuel Saint's clothes are not governed entirely by trends, they are timeless with each collection having a thread that connects them. Saint's passion for new and old materials, drape and fold utilises fabric to its full advantage in the way that it swathes or ruches around the body - embodying the idea of clothes as desirable objects as well as functional clothing.